Sublevel Men’s Long-sleeve Shirt with Standing Collar | Business basic shirt, regular fit, made of cotton

  • STYLE: This light, linen-style shirt isn’t just pleasant to wear, it’s also stylish. It is suitable for a variety of occasions.
  • LOOK: The casual long fit style goes especially well with skinny jeans. On the other hand, an elegant business look can be made with a smart pair of trousers.
  • COMFORT: The linen look isn’t just something your eyes will notice. Thanks to the light material, it is also superbly comfortable to wear!
  • QUALITY: As is the case with most men’s shirts, this shirt also has a certain standard to fulfil. That’s why seams, buttons and similar items are perfectly crafted and aligned with one another.
  • DETAILS: Available in white and black ✔ Standing collar ✔ Button facing half visible, half concealed ✔

This shirt with standing collar by Sublevel comes across as a subtle, refined combination of classic shirt style and the latest in coolness. It exudes respectability with the slim, close-fitting cut that creates a figure-enhancing silhouette, the classic sleeve hems and the clean button facing. Meanwhile, the narrow, simple standing collar sets an innovative accent and somewhat mellows the overall image.

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