Union Jack Bandana / Bandanna Made from 100% Cotton (55cm x 55cm)

  • This simple yet iconic piece is made from 100% cotton. Not only does this make it more comfortable, but kinder to sensitive skin as well.
  • Whether tying back your hair, shielding your neck from the cold or just standing out from the crowd, there are countless ways in which to wear this bandanna. You can even use it as a fancy dress accessory.
  • This bandana can also be utilised for quirky decoration. Why not put it in your car window, or perhaps as unique bunting? The possibilities are limitless. Can you think of any other uses? Let us know!
  • Renowned for their versatility, bandanas have become a staple in the toolkit of survivalists. You can use it as a sling or a pouch to carry equipment or supplies, shield your body from the elements or even as a napkin.
  • We understand that, sometimes, returns can be an unavoidable necessity. That’s why all of our products come 100% guaranteed, and we offer a no hassle returns policy on every one of the items we sell.

This patterned Union Jack bandana (and bandanna!), made from 100% cotton and measuring 55cm x 55cm, is a simple yet striking memento of Britain whose uses are limited only by your imagination. Its size and shape make it big enough to be practical yet still able to be folded up and easily stored, and all of this makes it the perfect memento of a Great British holiday or just a neat gift for an Anglophile friend.

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